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Our Goodnight Gummies are the perfect way to wind down, relax , and prepare for a the best sleep of your life. They contain a total of 40mg of cannabinoids, 20mg of CBD and 20mg of CBG. Not only are they great for promoting restful sleep, they also provide all the benefits of CBD and CBG such as reducing inflammation and pain relief.


Sold in a pack of 25 gummies each and available in 3 delicious flavors - cherry, blue raspberry,  and our newest flavor, watermelon. You're sure to find one you love. Store in a cool, dark space or in the refrigerator for best shelf life.


For quickest delivery please select "Surprise - Currently in Stock" and you will recieve whichever flavor is currently in stock and ready to ship!


Got a craving for your favorite flavor? Select whichever flavor you'd like and we can custom make your. order. Please note that custom orders will make take up to 5 extra days for preparation and delivery.

Goodnight Gummies - CBD+CBG