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The Full Story


Farmer Jon started Sasquatch Farms in 2013, using his horticulture degree and passion for regenerative farming to cultivate naturally grown produce for sale at local markets. Since then, Sasquatch Farms has grown by leaps and bounds, while sticking to it roots of conscious farming.  After securing a license to grow industrial hemp in 2019, Jon has been able to harvest flowers rich in CBD and CBG, while keeping their THC percentage below 0.3.



Our mission is to farm with reverence for the land around us, while providing the highest quality hemp & food for our community and make them accessible to all.

The Dream Team

Farmer Jon is our founder and the rock that keeps the farm steady & thriving. Jon's partner, Kayla, is the tech wizard and social media queen with a knack for organization and delegation. On the farm we also have Lil' foot & Smokey, our beloved dog and cat that act as human resources and emotional support. In addition, we also host WWOOF volunteers every summer that come to learn about farming and work with us. 



Grown outdoors & processed by hand in the high elevations of the eastern Sierra Nevada, our hemp goes from seed to sale using the best concious practices to ensure high quality flower, tincture/oils, and topicals. All of our flower is full-spectrum, meaning it contains the full range of cannabinoids present in both the cannabis plant and our bodies, which have a greater effect working together than in isolation, creating a more noticeable effect on the body. Our CBD flower is Licensed and Lab-Tested containing less than .3% THC as required by the state of CA. Learn more about CBD here.

Where to find us

We keep it local, our only online sales point is right here! You can also find us in Northern California at the following places.

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